iQuanda label: a client driven company

“A client driven company” certification is acquired upon completion of iQuandA customer-focus appraisals among a minimum of 10 different customers.

This certification is valid for 12 months after the most recent customer-focus appraisal (regular quarterly appraisals are taken into account for this calculation).

Obtainment of this certification enables :

  • all employees in the certified company to display the logo with their signature,
  • the certified company to use the logo on their website,
  • the certified company to share this distinction via social networks,
  • to meet the international standards of quality

A list of certified companies can be viewed on the IQuandA certified page of the website.

With iQuandA certification,
Stand out from the competition by becoming a “customer-focused” company

Build customer confidence :

Your customers will feel truly taken into consideration, as is the case for your prospects who need to feel that their future partners/suppliers are paying heed to their needs.

Address a market expectation :

During these highly uncertain times and a rapidly changing context in terms of market positioning, being focused on one’s customer and ascertaining an objective understanding of their expectations has become a crucial prerequisite for a serene future.